freefield1010 - an open dataset for research on audio field recording archives
Stowell, D. and Plumbley, M. D.

folder freefield1010 (30 files) 594.45MB 593.44MB 592.70MB 587.14MB 588.12MB 594.61MB 591.22MB 590.16MB 592.25MB 590.59MB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: audio, field-recording, sound, freesound, geolocation, archives, soundscapes

  title = {freefield1010 - an open dataset for research on audio field recording archives},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the Audio Engineering Society 53rd Conference on Semantic Audio (AES53)},
  author={Stowell, D. and Plumbley, M. D.},
  publisher={Audio Engineering Society},
  abstract = {A free and open dataset of 7690 10-second audio clips sampled from the field-recording tag in the Freesound audio archive. The dataset is designed for use in research related to data mining in audio archives of field recordings / soundscapes. Audio is standardised, and audio and metadata are Creative Commons licensed.

For more information see},

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