[Sample Dataset] April 2024 Public Data File from Crossref

folder [Sample Dataset] April 2024 Public Data File from Crossref (100 files)
file0.json.gz 193.69kB
file1.json.gz 151.72kB
file2.json.gz 207.23kB
file3.json.gz 114.37kB
file4.json.gz 176.49kB
file5.json.gz 154.50kB
file6.json.gz 179.72kB
file7.json.gz 170.45kB
file8.json.gz 131.78kB
file9.json.gz 113.75kB
file10.json.gz 247.05kB
file11.json.gz 126.19kB
file12.json.gz 271.04kB
file13.json.gz 190.85kB
file14.json.gz 105.27kB
file15.json.gz 98.88kB
file16.json.gz 188.09kB
file17.json.gz 122.85kB
file18.json.gz 267.10kB
file19.json.gz 163.41kB
file20.json.gz 201.62kB
file21.json.gz 255.92kB
file22.json.gz 210.42kB
file23.json.gz 213.14kB
file24.json.gz 246.50kB
file25.json.gz 139.16kB
file26.json.gz 201.98kB
file27.json.gz 220.40kB
file28.json.gz 352.46kB
file29.json.gz 338.44kB
file30.json.gz 215.47kB
file31.json.gz 243.35kB
file32.json.gz 205.94kB
file33.json.gz 190.66kB
file34.json.gz 282.08kB
file35.json.gz 191.95kB
file36.json.gz 202.94kB
file37.json.gz 191.78kB
file38.json.gz 140.50kB
file39.json.gz 426.92kB
file40.json.gz 170.29kB
file41.json.gz 134.33kB
file42.json.gz 196.02kB
file43.json.gz 286.09kB
file44.json.gz 177.06kB
file45.json.gz 218.71kB
file46.json.gz 203.96kB
file47.json.gz 229.42kB
file48.json.gz 217.92kB
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Type: Dataset

title= {[Sample Dataset] April 2024 Public Data File from Crossref},
journal= {},
author= {},
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {[Sample Dataset] April 2024 Public Data File from Crossref. This dataset includes 100 random JSON records from the Crossref metadata corpus.},
keywords= {},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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