Type: Dataset
Tags: segmentation, mask, trees

title= {trees.tar.gz},
journal= {2017 International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ)},
author= {Oliver Batchelor, Richard Green},
year= {2017},
url= {},
abstract= {Applying deep learning to new domains usually implies a considerable data collection problem. We look at idea of how we can use a partially trained model as an aid to a human annotator. We do this by providing the partially trained model's prediction as a starting point for a human annotator to directly edit. This is demonstrated by applying our ideas to building a small segmentation dataset for labeling trees in a plantation. We also show that by starting with a pre-trained model and fine-tuning, we can provide a useful aid to a human annotator using very few input images.},
keywords= {segmentation, mask, trees},
terms= {},
license= {CC BY 4.0},
superseded= {}

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