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Type: Dataset
Tags: museum, art, paintings

title= {rijksmuseum_data},
keywords= {museum, art, paintings},
journal= {},
author= {Rijksmuseum},
year= {2015},
url= {},
license= {CC0},
abstract= {Images from the Rijksmuseum

This dataset was developed using the Rijksmuseum's API, with images from the
Rijksmuseum Collection as downloaded in October 2015.

The Rijksmuseum API is documented at: <https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/api>

This collection was compiled by Matthew Lincoln <matthew.d.lincoln@gmail.com>

## Contents

Total size: 160 GB

### `images`

A directory containing 219 serially-numbered, compressed subdirectories, each
containing a maximum of 1000 JPEG files, totaling 218442 files. Files are named
by object number.

### `rkm_data.tar.gz`

A compressed file with 515802 lines. Each line of this file contains a JSON
object with all the metadata for an object retrieved from the Rijksmuseum API.
For objects with images, the field `imgPath` has been added specifying the path
in `images/` where the artwork image may be found.

## License

All data and all images made available through the API are either in the public
domain or are subject to a CC0 license. The data and images are royalty-free and
may be copied, distributed, modified and used without the permission of the
superseded= {},
terms= {}

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