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images/103.tar.gz 881.43MB
images/104.tar.gz 943.70MB
images/105.tar.gz 951.58MB
images/106.tar.gz 721.79MB
images/107.tar.gz 845.26MB
images/108.tar.gz 941.32MB
images/109.tar.gz 846.04MB
images/11.tar.gz 290.40MB
images/110.tar.gz 831.30MB
images/111.tar.gz 886.88MB
images/112.tar.gz 929.69MB
images/113.tar.gz 856.95MB
images/114.tar.gz 704.72MB
images/115.tar.gz 522.79MB
images/116.tar.gz 669.55MB
images/117.tar.gz 606.49MB
images/118.tar.gz 413.75MB
images/119.tar.gz 434.31MB
images/12.tar.gz 310.70MB
images/120.tar.gz 591.50MB
images/121.tar.gz 821.24MB
images/122.tar.gz 343.24MB
images/123.tar.gz 419.85MB
images/124.tar.gz 828.40MB
images/125.tar.gz 989.31MB
images/126.tar.gz 940.59MB
images/127.tar.gz 881.08MB
images/128.tar.gz 1.12GB
images/129.tar.gz 1.08GB
images/13.tar.gz 319.47MB
images/130.tar.gz 1.04GB
images/131.tar.gz 1.27GB
images/132.tar.gz 1.16GB
images/133.tar.gz 1.11GB
images/134.tar.gz 710.40MB
images/135.tar.gz 766.11MB
images/136.tar.gz 525.58MB
images/137.tar.gz 1.04GB
images/138.tar.gz 1.03GB
images/139.tar.gz 1.29GB
images/14.tar.gz 352.76MB
images/140.tar.gz 1.79GB
images/141.tar.gz 802.32MB
images/142.tar.gz 890.00MB
images/143.tar.gz 735.68MB
images/144.tar.gz 715.59MB
images/145.tar.gz 770.46MB
images/146.tar.gz 877.99MB
images/147.tar.gz 1.34GB
images/148.tar.gz 1.28GB
images/149.tar.gz 804.80MB
images/15.tar.gz 308.41MB
images/150.tar.gz 1.06GB
images/151.tar.gz 987.95MB
images/152.tar.gz 1.05GB
images/153.tar.gz 1.02GB
images/154.tar.gz 1.00GB
images/155.tar.gz 997.34MB
images/156.tar.gz 1.70GB
images/157.tar.gz 1.75GB
images/158.tar.gz 1.12GB
images/159.tar.gz 1.03GB
images/16.tar.gz 385.01MB
images/160.tar.gz 1.26GB
images/161.tar.gz 1.09GB
images/162.tar.gz 1.41GB
images/163.tar.gz 1.09GB
images/164.tar.gz 890.86MB
images/165.tar.gz 935.37MB
images/166.tar.gz 896.45MB
images/167.tar.gz 764.36MB
images/168.tar.gz 672.97MB
images/169.tar.gz 654.56MB
images/17.tar.gz 321.66MB
images/170.tar.gz 716.07MB
images/171.tar.gz 930.36MB
images/172.tar.gz 1.06GB
images/173.tar.gz 1.03GB
images/174.tar.gz 1.42GB
images/175.tar.gz 1.05GB
images/176.tar.gz 1.08GB
images/177.tar.gz 969.21MB
images/178.tar.gz 1.09GB
images/179.tar.gz 1.04GB
images/18.tar.gz 339.18MB
images/180.tar.gz 966.95MB
images/181.tar.gz 934.22MB
images/182.tar.gz 1.00GB
images/183.tar.gz 750.45MB
images/184.tar.gz 1.03GB
images/185.tar.gz 899.09MB
images/186.tar.gz 772.54MB
images/187.tar.gz 721.03MB
images/188.tar.gz 599.00MB
images/189.tar.gz 639.15MB
images/19.tar.gz 321.01MB
images/190.tar.gz 841.82MB
images/191.tar.gz 620.61MB
images/192.tar.gz 548.49MB
images/193.tar.gz 528.43MB
images/194.tar.gz 633.01MB
images/195.tar.gz 584.88MB
images/196.tar.gz 614.05MB
images/197.tar.gz 631.28MB
images/198.tar.gz 603.79MB
images/199.tar.gz 617.58MB
images/2.tar.gz 353.57MB
images/20.tar.gz 285.79MB
images/200.tar.gz 449.27MB
images/201.tar.gz 344.20MB
images/202.tar.gz 361.86MB
images/203.tar.gz 558.35MB
images/204.tar.gz 513.82MB
images/205.tar.gz 572.72MB
images/206.tar.gz 558.64MB
images/207.tar.gz 550.85MB
images/208.tar.gz 572.74MB
images/209.tar.gz 512.96MB
images/21.tar.gz 382.61MB
images/210.tar.gz 517.08MB
images/211.tar.gz 555.70MB
images/212.tar.gz 553.77MB
images/213.tar.gz 335.65MB
images/214.tar.gz 437.22MB
images/215.tar.gz 553.92MB
images/216.tar.gz 579.27MB
images/217.tar.gz 529.46MB
images/218.tar.gz 526.19MB
images/219.tar.gz 233.46MB
images/22.tar.gz 372.85MB
images/23.tar.gz 460.51MB
images/24.tar.gz 298.82MB
images/25.tar.gz 381.22MB
images/26.tar.gz 266.46MB
images/27.tar.gz 99.61MB
images/28.tar.gz 436.59MB
images/29.tar.gz 365.18MB
images/3.tar.gz 330.63MB
images/30.tar.gz 323.67MB
images/31.tar.gz 96.28MB
images/32.tar.gz 232.32MB
images/33.tar.gz 282.47MB
images/34.tar.gz 264.42MB
images/35.tar.gz 363.72MB
images/36.tar.gz 203.18MB
images/37.tar.gz 215.56MB
images/38.tar.gz 477.83MB
images/39.tar.gz 375.48MB
images/4.tar.gz 597.12MB
images/40.tar.gz 496.32MB
images/41.tar.gz 440.36MB
images/42.tar.gz 360.92MB
images/43.tar.gz 319.64MB
images/44.tar.gz 366.50MB
images/45.tar.gz 443.33MB
images/46.tar.gz 351.88MB
images/47.tar.gz 287.79MB
images/48.tar.gz 321.74MB
images/49.tar.gz 272.11MB
images/5.tar.gz 641.94MB
images/50.tar.gz 233.99MB
images/51.tar.gz 41.64MB
images/52.tar.gz 369.34MB
images/53.tar.gz 395.32MB
images/54.tar.gz 420.20MB
images/55.tar.gz 420.90MB
images/56.tar.gz 353.12MB
images/57.tar.gz 339.06MB
images/58.tar.gz 486.71MB
images/59.tar.gz 488.18MB
images/6.tar.gz 703.00MB
images/60.tar.gz 627.45MB
images/61.tar.gz 1.15GB
images/62.tar.gz 1.02GB
images/63.tar.gz 1.05GB
images/64.tar.gz 1.07GB
images/65.tar.gz 1.03GB
images/66.tar.gz 1.03GB
images/67.tar.gz 1.09GB
images/68.tar.gz 985.73MB
images/69.tar.gz 1.03GB
images/7.tar.gz 343.46MB
images/70.tar.gz 936.96MB
images/71.tar.gz 1.05GB
images/72.tar.gz 1.04GB
images/73.tar.gz 1.13GB
images/74.tar.gz 849.44MB
images/75.tar.gz 983.48MB
images/76.tar.gz 887.21MB
images/77.tar.gz 856.04MB
images/78.tar.gz 1.13GB
images/79.tar.gz 1.03GB
images/8.tar.gz 347.98MB
images/80.tar.gz 1.07GB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: museum, art, paintings

title= {rijksmuseum_data},
keywords= {museum, art, paintings},
journal= {},
author= {Rijksmuseum},
year= {2015},
url= {},
license= {CC0},
abstract= {Images from the Rijksmuseum

This dataset was developed using the Rijksmuseum's API, with images from the
Rijksmuseum Collection as downloaded in October 2015.

The Rijksmuseum API is documented at: <https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/api>

This collection was compiled by Matthew Lincoln <matthew.d.lincoln@gmail.com>

## Contents

Total size: 160 GB

### `images`

A directory containing 219 serially-numbered, compressed subdirectories, each
containing a maximum of 1000 JPEG files, totaling 218442 files. Files are named
by object number.

### `rkm_data.tar.gz`

A compressed file with 515802 lines. Each line of this file contains a JSON
object with all the metadata for an object retrieved from the Rijksmuseum API.
For objects with images, the field `imgPath` has been added specifying the path
in `images/` where the artwork image may be found.

## License

All data and all images made available through the API are either in the public
domain or are subject to a CC0 license. The data and images are royalty-free and
may be copied, distributed, modified and used without the permission of the
superseded= {},
terms= {}

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