To introduce computer science in one day: The Throw platform
Wei Ding and Boisvert, D. and Cohen, J.

Type: Paper

author = {Cohen, J. and Wei Ding and Boisvert, D.}, 
booktitle = {To introduce computer science in one day: The Throw platform}, 
title={To introduce computer science in one day: The Throw platform}, 
abstract={This paper presents an open source platform Throw [1] that is intended to be used for a one day event to increase interest in computer science as well as equip students with tools for self exploration. It is based on three years of hosting a one day event aimed at introducing computer science to 5-8th grade students. One major challenge in computer science education is fostering a commitment to learn, that is powerful and engaging enough for a student to be able to utilize learned skills to turn their ideas into reality and drive them to pursue computing. We present a theory for what is necessary for an effective introduction to computer science as well as present survey results from the first trial of the Throw platform which encompasses this theory.}, 
keywords={computer aided instruction;computer science education;public domain software;Throw open source platform;computer science education;Computer Science education;STEM education;web}, 
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