M-PACT: Michigan Platform for Activity Classification in Tensorflow
Eric Hofesmann and Madan Ravi Ganesh and Jason J. Corso

weights (9 files)
resnet50_rgb_imagenet.npy 102.56MB
c3d_Sports1M.npy 319.97MB
1804.05879.pdf 585.22kB
c3d_Sports1M_finetune_UCF101.npy 313.64MB
tsn_pretrained_UCF101_reordered.npy 41.60MB
sport1m_train16_128_mean.npy 8.41MB
tsn_pretrained_HMDB51_reordered.npy 41.40MB
i3d_rgb_kinetics.npy 50.83MB
tsn_BNInception_ImageNet_pretrained.npy 45.29MB
Type: Dataset
Tags: actvity recognition, weights, c3d, i3d, tsn, resnet, lstm

author= {Eric Hofesmann and               Madan Ravi Ganesh and               Jason J. Corso},
title= {M-PACT: Michigan Platform for Activity Classification in Tensorflow},
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volume= {abs/1804.05879},
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url= {https://github.com/MichiganCOG/M-PACT},
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biburl= {https://dblp.org/rec/bib/journals/corr/abs-1804-05879},
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abstract= {There are many hurdles that prevent the replication of existing work which hinders the development of new activity classification models. These hurdles include switching between multiple deep learning libraries and the development of boilerplate experimental pipelines. We present M-PACT to overcome existing issues by removing the need to develop boilerplate code which allows users to quickly prototype action classification models while leveraging existing state-of-the-art (SOTA) models available in the platform. M-PACT is the first to offer four SOTA activity classification models, I3D, C3D, ResNet50+LSTM, and TSN, under a single platform with reproducible competitive results. This platform allows for the generation of models and results over activity recognition datasets through the use of modular code, various preprocessing and neural network layers, and seamless data flow. In this paper, we present the system architecture, detail the functions of various modules, and describe the basic tools to develop a new model in M-PACT.
keywords= {actvity recognition, weights, c3d, i3d, tsn, resnet, lstm},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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