Medical Imaging with Deep Learning Tutorial 2020 - Joseph Paul Cohen
Joseph Paul Cohen

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Type: Course
Tags: radiology

title= {Medical Imaging with Deep Learning Tutorial 2020 - Joseph Paul Cohen},
keywords= {radiology},
author= {Joseph Paul Cohen},
abstract= {This tutorial will be styled as a graduate lecture about medical imaging with deep learning. This will cover the background of popular medical image domains (chest X-ray and histology) as well as methods to tackle multi-modality/view, segmentation, and counting tasks. These methods will be covered in terms of architecture and objective function design. Also, a discussion about incorrect feature attribution and approaches to mitigate the issue. Prerequisites: basic knowledge of computer vision (CNNs) and machine learning (regression, gradient descent).

Presented by:
Joseph Paul Cohen PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Mila, University of Montreal

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