NOAA Weather Data 2011
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center

2011 (12744 files)
999999-96404-2011.gz 550.49kB
999999-94996-2011.gz 2.57MB
999999-94995-2011.gz 2.59MB
999999-94645-2011.gz 2.51MB
999999-94644-2011.gz 2.47MB
999999-94290-2011.gz 7.07kB
999999-94098-2011.gz 471.97kB
999999-94097-2011.gz 464.89kB
999999-94096-2011.gz 517.14kB
999999-94094-2011.gz 1.86MB
999999-94092-2011.gz 1.87MB
999999-94088-2011.gz 2.62MB
999999-94085-2011.gz 2.62MB
999999-94084-2011.gz 2.56MB
999999-94082-2011.gz 2.66MB
999999-94081-2011.gz 2.68MB
999999-94080-2011.gz 2.43MB
999999-94079-2011.gz 2.60MB
999999-94078-2011.gz 2.76MB
999999-94077-2011.gz 2.64MB
999999-94075-2011.gz 2.54MB
999999-94074-2011.gz 2.68MB
999999-94060-2011.gz 2.63MB
999999-94059-2011.gz 2.48MB
999999-94045-2011.gz 271.29kB
999999-94044-2011.gz 273.78kB
999999-93245-2011.gz 2.24MB
999999-93243-2011.gz 2.36MB
999999-92827-2011.gz 2.75MB
999999-92826-2011.gz 2.74MB
999999-92821-2011.gz 2.56MB
999999-92811-2011.gz 5.62kB
999999-73805-2011.gz 108.66kB
999999-73803-2011.gz 1.80MB
999999-73802-2011.gz 1.79MB
999999-73801-2011.gz 1.77MB
999999-64758-2011.gz 2.37MB
999999-64757-2011.gz 2.43MB
999999-64756-2011.gz 2.39MB
999999-63899-2011.gz 1.76MB
999999-63898-2011.gz 2.41MB
999999-63897-2011.gz 3.05MB
999999-63896-2011.gz 1.79MB
999999-63895-2011.gz 1.82MB
999999-63894-2011.gz 1.81MB
999999-63893-2011.gz 1.82MB
999999-63892-2011.gz 1.68MB
999999-63891-2011.gz 2.92MB
999999-63890-2011.gz 614.04kB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: Weather, NOAA

title = {NOAA Weather Data 2011},
journal = {},
author = {NOAA's National Climatic Data Center},
year = {2011},
url = {},
abstract = {This contains ISH/ISD data in directories by year.  Please note that ISH and ISD refer to
the same data--Integrated Surface Data, sometimes called Integrated Surface Hourly.

The filenames correspond with the station numbers listed in the ish-history.txt file described below -- eg, 723150-03812-2006 corresponds with USAF number 723150 and WBAN number 03812.}

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