January 2021 Public Data File from Crossref

crossref_public_data_file_2021_01 (40229 files)
9200.json.gz 870.65kB
920.json.gz 6.83MB
92.json.gz 201.89kB
9199.json.gz 838.95kB
9198.json.gz 1.02MB
9197.json.gz 676.97kB
9196.json.gz 846.51kB
9195.json.gz 1.03MB
9194.json.gz 874.79kB
9193.json.gz 650.75kB
9192.json.gz 782.06kB
9191.json.gz 729.47kB
9190.json.gz 644.70kB
919.json.gz 6.99MB
9189.json.gz 876.50kB
9188.json.gz 912.10kB
9187.json.gz 1.32MB
9186.json.gz 693.33kB
9185.json.gz 701.63kB
9184.json.gz 680.87kB
9183.json.gz 670.80kB
9182.json.gz 683.47kB
9181.json.gz 681.99kB
9180.json.gz 667.71kB
918.json.gz 6.38MB
9179.json.gz 681.05kB
9178.json.gz 658.61kB
9177.json.gz 688.68kB
9176.json.gz 639.19kB
9175.json.gz 602.43kB
9174.json.gz 589.81kB
9173.json.gz 4.92MB
9172.json.gz 6.33MB
9171.json.gz 9.48MB
9170.json.gz 9.95MB
917.json.gz 6.10MB
9169.json.gz 2.29MB
9168.json.gz 1.27MB
9167.json.gz 1.57MB
9166.json.gz 2.51MB
9165.json.gz 8.99MB
9164.json.gz 8.12MB
9163.json.gz 3.11MB
9162.json.gz 3.30MB
9161.json.gz 3.55MB
9160.json.gz 3.90MB
916.json.gz 6.72MB
9159.json.gz 3.59MB
9158.json.gz 4.88MB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: books, conference proceedings, Crossref, preprints, metadata, bibliographic references, journals

title= {January 2021 Public Data File from Crossref},
journal= {},
author= {Crossref},
year= {2021},
url= {https://doi.org/10.13003/GU3DQMJVG4},
abstract= {A data file of the public elements from Crossref’s 120+ million metadata records (in JSON format).

Note that this Crossref metadata is always openly available. The difference here is that we’ve done the time-saving work of putting all of the records registered through 7th January 2021 into one file for download. 

To keep this metadata current, you can access new records via our public API at:


If you do use our API, we encourage you to read the section of the documentation on "etiquette" at https://github.com/CrossRef/rest-api-doc#etiquette. That is, how to use the API without making it impossible for others to use.},
keywords= {journals, conference proceedings, books, Crossref, preprints, metadata, bibliographic references},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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