WISE All-Sky Release Catalog

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filewise-allsky-cat-part50.bz2 4.61GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part49.bz2 4.71GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part48.bz2 4.76GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part47.bz2 4.76GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part46.bz2 4.72GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part45.bz2 4.75GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part44.bz2 4.72GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part43.bz2 4.70GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part42.bz2 4.69GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part41.bz2 4.70GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part40.bz2 4.68GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part39.bz2 4.67GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part38.bz2 4.66GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part37.bz2 4.65GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part36.bz2 4.66GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part35.bz2 4.64GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part34.bz2 4.66GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part33.bz2 4.66GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part32.bz2 4.66GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part31.bz2 4.65GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part30.bz2 4.64GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part29.bz2 4.64GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part28.bz2 4.63GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part27.bz2 4.63GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part26.bz2 4.64GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part25.bz2 4.64GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part24.bz2 4.65GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part23.bz2 4.66GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part22.bz2 4.69GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part21.bz2 4.69GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part20.bz2 4.70GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part19.bz2 4.69GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part18.bz2 4.86GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part17.bz2 4.87GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part16.bz2 4.88GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part15.bz2 4.87GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part14.bz2 4.86GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part13.bz2 4.86GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part12.bz2 4.86GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part11.bz2 4.86GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part10.bz2 4.86GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part09.bz2 4.86GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part08.bz2 4.88GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part07.bz2 4.89GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part06.bz2 4.91GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part05.bz2 4.94GB
filewise-allsky-cat-part04.bz2 4.96GB
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Type: Dataset

title = {WISE All-Sky Release Catalog},
journal = {},
author = {Caltech },
year = {},
url = {http://irsadist.ipac.caltech.edu/wise-allsky/},
abstract = {The WISE All-Sky Release Source Catalog is available for bulk download in compressed (gzip or bzip2) ASCII form. Catalog records are lines in a simple bar-delimited format.

Users should be aware that the Catalog table is extremely large. Due to its size the complete Catalog has been split into 50 parts, each roughly 16GB in size (gzip-compressed parts are 5.5-5.7GB each, bzip2-compressed parts are 4.3-4.6GB each). You will need approximately 280 GB of disk space to download all 50 gzipped Catalog parts, or 225 GB of disk space to download all 50 bzip2-ed Catalog parts, and an additional 805 GB to uncompress the parts. Concatenating the parts results in a Catalog with 563,921,584 records. The full uncompressed Catalog file is 864,201,356,616 bytes.

Each Catalog part contains records corresponding to a specified declination range. If a user desires only the sources within a specified dec range, that user may choose to download only those Catalog parts corresponding to that range. The dec range covered by each of the Catalog parts is indicated in the table below.

The Catalog is searchable online through IRSA's General Catalog Search service (Gator), accessible from the main IRSA site at 

Catalog Retrieval Instructions

Download all 50 Catalog parts in bzip2 or gzip format from the links below, or use the wget scripts provided for either gzip or bzip2 format.

Optional: After download, use these MD5 checksum files to verify the download: gzip md5 file, or bzip2 md5 file.

Next, decompress all 50 files using bzip2 or gunzip (depending on format). The files can then be loaded into a database individually, or concatenated to produce the complete Catalog as a single 805GB file. The details of this depend on the user's software.

Users may also choose to download only those Catalog parts corresponding to desired dec ranges, using the individual download links in the table below.


Complete documentation of the WISE All-Sky Release including the Source Catalog is contained in the Explanatory Supplement.

The Catalog format is detailed here: Catalog format and column description 
A simple schema for the Catalog is here: schema


If you use IRSA in your research, please include the following acknowledgment in your paper:

"This research has made use of the NASA/ IPAC Infrared Science Archive, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration."

Please include the following standard acknowledgment in any published material that makes use of data products from the primary WISE mission such as the Source Catalog:

"This publication makes use of data products from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, which is a joint project of the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology, funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration."


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