[Coursera] Analysis of Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick (Princeton University)

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exercises/readme.txt 0.28kB
lectures/0-orientation/Analysis of Algorithms 0.0 Brief History (933).mp4 28.70MB
lectures/0-orientation/Analysis of Algorithms 0.1 Analysis of Algorithms (1620).mp4 40.12MB
lectures/0-orientation/Analysis of Algorithms 0.2 Context (1243).mp4 35.91MB
lectures/0-orientation/Analysis of Algorithms 0.3 Analytic Combinatorics (2915).mp4 66.46MB
lectures/1-analysis-of-algorithms/Analysis of Algorithms 1.0 History and Motivation (1102).mp4 27.82MB
lectures/1-analysis-of-algorithms/Analysis of Algorithms 1.1 A Scientific Approach (1637).mp4 41.67MB
lectures/1-analysis-of-algorithms/Analysis of Algorithms 1.2 Example Quicksort (3038).mp4 79.95MB
lectures/1-analysis-of-algorithms/Analysis of Algorithms 1.3 Resources (1738).mp4 50.34MB
lectures/2-recurrences/Analysis of Algorithms 2.0 Computing Values (1031).mp4 28.87MB
lectures/2-recurrences/Analysis of Algorithms 2.1 Telescoping (1518).mp4 35.72MB
lectures/2-recurrences/Analysis of Algorithms 2.2 Types of Recurrences (1251).mp4 29.64MB
lectures/2-recurrences/Analysis of Algorithms 2.3 Mergesort (1803).mp4 45.21MB
lectures/2-recurrences/Analysis of Algorithms 2.4 Master Theorem (1420).mp4 36.25MB
lectures/3-generating-functions/Analysis of Algorithms 3.0 Counting with Generating Functions (2732).mp4 71.83MB
lectures/3-generating-functions/Analysis of Algorithms 3.1 Exponential Generating Functions (724).mp4 19.04MB
lectures/3-generating-functions/Analysis of Algorithms 3.2 Catalan Numbers (1404).mp4 38.83MB
lectures/3-generating-functions/Analysis of Algorithms 3.3 Solving Recurrences (1855).mp4 51.84MB
lectures/3-generating-functions/Analysis of Algorithms 3.4 Ordinary Generating Functions (1625).mp4 42.61MB
lectures/4-asymptotics/Analysis of Algorithms 4.0 Standard Scale (1852).mp4 48.56MB
lectures/4-asymptotics/Analysis of Algorithms 4.1 Manipulating Expansions (1923).mp4 45.23MB
lectures/4-asymptotics/Analysis of Algorithms 4.2 Asymptotics of Finite Sums (1642).mp4 39.05MB
lectures/4-asymptotics/Analysis of Algorithms 4.3 Bivariate Asymptotics (2803).mp4 65.31MB
lectures/5-analytic-combinatorics/Analysis of Algorithms 5.0 The Symbolic Method (2519).mp4 53.79MB
lectures/5-analytic-combinatorics/Analysis of Algorithms 5.1 Labelled Objects (2142).mp4 65.81MB
lectures/5-analytic-combinatorics/Analysis of Algorithms 5.2 Coefficient Asymptotics (1210).mp4 27.89MB
lectures/5-analytic-combinatorics/Analysis of Algorithms 5.3 Perspective (919).mp4 20.58MB
lectures/6-trees/Analysis of Algorithms 6.0 Trees and Forests (1416).mp4 35.53MB
lectures/6-trees/Analysis of Algorithms 6.1 Binary Search Trees (2250).mp4 55.83MB
lectures/6-trees/Analysis of Algorithms 6.2 Path Length (2555).mp4 59.16MB
lectures/6-trees/Analysis of Algorithms 6.3 Other Types of Trees (1356).mp4 33.02MB
lectures/7-permutations/Analysis of Algorithms 7.0 Basics (1722).mp4 31.85MB
lectures/7-permutations/Analysis of Algorithms 7.1 Sets of Cycles (2037).mp4 26.41MB
lectures/7-permutations/Analysis of Algorithms 7.2 Left-Right-Minima (1930).mp4 46.78MB
lectures/7-permutations/Analysis of Algorithms 7.3 Other Parameters (1505).mp4 34.68MB
lectures/7-permutations/Analysis of Algorithms 7.4 BGFs and Distributions (1914).mp4 47.08MB
lectures/8-strings-and-tries/Analysis of Algorithms 8.0 Bitstrings with Restrictions (2750).mp4 77.80MB
lectures/8-strings-and-tries/Analysis of Algorithms 8.1 Languages (1214).mp4 31.72MB
lectures/8-strings-and-tries/Analysis of Algorithms 8.2 Tries (1640).mp4 40.50MB
lectures/8-strings-and-tries/Analysis of Algorithms 8.3 Trie Parameters (1837).mp4 47.33MB
lectures/8-strings-and-tries/Analysis of Algorithms 8.4 Exercises (227).mp4 5.12MB
lectures/9-words-and-mappings/Analysis of Algorithms 9.0 Words (1144).mp4 27.22MB
lectures/9-words-and-mappings/Analysis of Algorithms 9.1 Birthday Problem (630).mp4 14.28MB
lectures/9-words-and-mappings/Analysis of Algorithms 9.2 Coupon Collector Problem (1345).mp4 33.27MB
lectures/9-words-and-mappings/Analysis of Algorithms 9.3 Hash Tables (1344).mp4 32.13MB
lectures/9-words-and-mappings/Analysis of Algorithms 9.4 Mappings (2323).mp4 59.29MB
lectures/9-words-and-mappings/Analysis of Algorithms 9.5 Exercises (254).mp4 6.61MB
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