2011 Harvard CS50 Introduction to Computer Science I
Harvard University

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file3 Problem Sets & Walkthrough/Appliance/cs50-appliance-2.3-14-ovf/cs50-appliance-2.3-disk1.vmdk 1.33GB
file5 Seminars/appLab.Phone(Mango) Session One/video.mp4 551.61MB
file5 Seminars/Getting a Job in the Tech Industry/video.mp4 456.42MB
file4 Quizzes/Quiz 1/2011-11-16 quiz for weeks 0-10.mp4 427.26MB
file4 Quizzes/Quiz 0/2011-10-12 quiz for weeks 0-5.mp4 421.16MB
file2 Sections/Week 07/section07.mp4 381.52MB
file1 Lectures/Week 10/2011-11-07 lecture.mp4 362.42MB
file2 Sections/Week 09/section09.mp4 359.20MB
file5 Seminars/jQuery_ How to Make Your Website Shiny/video.mp4 354.88MB
file2 Sections/Week 04/section04.mp4 354.13MB
file2 Sections/Week 03/section03.mp4 351.55MB
file1 Lectures/Week 07/2011-10-19 lecture.mp4 332.12MB
file1 Lectures/Week 01/2011-09-07 lecture.mp4 331.33MB
file1 Lectures/Week 02/2011-09-14 lecture.mp4 331.14MB
file1 Lectures/Week 02/2011-09-12 lecture.mp4 324.78MB
file1 Lectures/Week 03/2011-09-19 lecture.mp4 324.28MB
file1 Lectures/Week 04/2011-09-28 lecture.mp4 321.59MB
file1 Lectures/Week 08/2011-10-26 lecture.mp4 315.27MB
file1 Lectures/Week 12/Slideshows/This was CS50 2011.mov 313.50MB
file2 Sections/Week 05/section05.mp4 313.44MB
file1 Lectures/Week 09/2011-10-31 lecture.mp4 310.02MB
file1 Lectures/Week 00/2011-09-02 lecture.mp4 309.43MB
file1 Lectures/Week 12/Promos/CS50 Fair Intro.mov 309.03MB
file3 Problem Sets & Walkthrough/Problem Set 1_ C/2011-09-11 walkthrough.mp4 308.45MB
file1 Lectures/Week 10/2011-11-09 lecture.mp4 308.31MB
file1 Lectures/Week 08/2011-10-24 lecture.mp4 308.29MB
file1 Lectures/Week 12/Promos/CS50 Fair Outro.mov 308.18MB
file2 Sections/Week 10/section10.mp4 306.53MB
file1 Lectures/Week 00/2011-08-31 lecture.mp4 305.04MB
file2 Sections/Week 02/section02.mp4 304.42MB
file1 Lectures/Week 07/2011-10-17 lecture.mp4 303.57MB
file1 Lectures/Week 05/2011-10-03 lecture.mp4 301.32MB
file3 Problem Sets & Walkthrough/Problem Set 7_ C$50 Finance/2011-10-30 walkthrough.mp4 298.53MB
file2 Sections/Week 08/section08.mp4 297.32MB
file1 Lectures/Week 05/2011-10-05 lecture.mp4 281.45MB
file2 Sections/Week 06/section06.mp4 278.12MB
file3 Problem Sets & Walkthrough/Problem Set 4_ 数独/2011-10-02 walkthrough.mp4 278.07MB
file1 Lectures/Week 04/2011-09-26 lecture.mp4 276.32MB
file3 Problem Sets & Walkthrough/Problem Set 3_ The Game of Fifteen/2011-09-25 walkthrough.mp4 274.43MB
file1 Lectures/Week 11/2011-11-14 lecture.mp4 257.94MB
file3 Problem Sets & Walkthrough/Problem Set 0_ Scratch/2011-09-04 walkthrough.mp4 257.48MB
file1 Lectures/Week 09/2011-11-02 lecture.mp4 256.48MB
file5 Seminars/Git Magic_ Versioning Files Like a Boss/video.mp4 255.44MB
file5 Seminars/Emacs/video.mp4 255.07MB
file3 Problem Sets & Walkthrough/Problem Set 6_ Mispellings/2011-10-23 walkthrough.mp4 254.60MB
file3 Problem Sets & Walkthrough/Problem Set 5_ Forensics/2011-10-16 walkthrough.mp4 254.60MB
file5 Seminars/Accelerating Science with the Open Science Grid/video.mp4 251.23MB
file5 Seminars/Search and Browse Superpowers_ an Introduction to Solr/video.mp4 250.17MB
file2 Sections/Week 01/section01.mp4 249.79MB
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title= {2011 Harvard CS50 Introduction to Computer Science I},
keywords= {},
journal= {},
author= {Harvard University },
year= {2011},
url= {http://cs50.tv/2011/fall/},
license= {},
abstract= {Introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. This course teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently. Topics include abstraction, algorithms, encapsulation, data structures, databases, memory management, security, software development, virtualization, and websites. Languages include C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML. Problem sets inspired by real-world domains of biology, cryptography, finance, forensics, and gaming. Designed for concentrators and non-concentrators alike, with or without prior programming experience.},
tos= {},
superseded= {},
terms= {}

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