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Type: Dataset
Tags: database, Medical, pubmed, snapshot

title= {pubmed-baseline-update-data-12132023},
journal= {},
author= {National Library of Medicine},
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {PubMed baseline and update data snapshot from 12/13/2023.

uploaded by tytech038 (

please be sure to abide by the terms and conditions (},
keywords= {pubmed, medical, database, snapshot},
terms= {Users of the data agree to: 
-- acknowledge NLM as the source of the data in a clear and conspicuous manner,
-- NOT use the PubMed wordmark or the PubMed logo in association or in connection with user's or any other party's product or service. 
-- NOT adopt, use, or seek to register any mark or trade name confusingly similar to or suggestive of the PubMed wordmark or PubMed logo
-- NOT to indicate or imply that NLM/NIH/HHS has endorsed its products/services/applications. 

Users who republish or redistribute the data (services, products or raw data) agree to: 
-- maintain the most current version of all distributed data, or
-- make known in a clear and conspicuous manner that the products/services/applications do not reflect the most current/accurate data available from NLM.},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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