The PDS Universal Planetary Coordinates (UPC) Database, Mars DB

shapefiles (326 files)
AMALTHEA_Galileo_Orbiter_SSI.kmz 0.29kB 0.97kB
AMALTHEA_Voyager_NAC_1.kmz 0.28kB 0.92kB
AMALTHEA_Voyager_NAC_2.kmz 0.28kB 0.92kB
AMALTHEA_Voyager_WAC_1.kmz 0.28kB 0.92kB
ARIEL_Voyager_NAC_2.kmz 14.51kB 11.92kB
ARIEL_Voyager_WAC_2.kmz 2.39kB 2.29kB
CALLISTO_Cassini_ISSNA.kmz 0.28kB 0.92kB
CALLISTO_Galileo_Orbiter_SSI.kmz 127.80kB 92.76kB
CALLISTO_Voyager_NAC_1.kmz 164.09kB 122.81kB
CALLISTO_Voyager_NAC_2.kmz 75.10kB 47.34kB
CALLISTO_Voyager_WAC_1.kmz 125.33kB 88.11kB
CALLISTO_Voyager_WAC_2.kmz 64.65kB 39.83kB
CALYPSO_Voyager_NAC_2.kmz 0.28kB 0.91kB
DEIMOS_Mars_Reconnaissance_Orbiter_CTX.kmz 0.31kB 1.04kB
DEIMOS_Mars_Reconnaissance_Orbiter_HiRISE.kmz 0.32kB 1.06kB
DEIMOS_Viking_VIS_1A.kmz 3.57kB 3.18kB
DEIMOS_Viking_VIS_2A.kmz 5.36kB 4.64kB
DEIMOS_Viking_VIS_2B.kmz 0.27kB 0.90kB
DIONE_Cassini_ISSNA.kmz 3.04MB 2.49MB
DIONE_Cassini_ISSWA.kmz 155.95kB 127.44kB
DIONE_Cassini_VIMS-IR.kmz 671.09kB 551.27kB
DIONE_Cassini_VIMS-VIS.kmz 699.61kB 576.22kB
DIONE_Voyager_NAC_1.kmz 6.55kB 5.62kB
DIONE_Voyager_NAC_2.kmz 3.64kB 3.33kB
DIONE_Voyager_WAC_1.kmz 0.27kB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: NASA, PDS, Mars

@article{, title = {The PDS Universal Planetary Coordinates (UPC) Database, Mars DB}, journal = {}, author = {NASA }, year = {}, url = {}, abstract = {What is the Universal Planetary Coordinates (UPC)? The Universal Planetary Coordinates (or UPC)[1] is a database of many of the level 1 imaging data products archived in the PDS Imaging Node[2]. The UPC includes the camera statistics, URLs for thumbnail and browse images, and the GIS footprint for each image. These data products and meta data are calculated using ISIS3[3,4]. For this reason, only data products which have an ISIS3 camera model can be included in the UPC.} }

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