MS Common Objects in Context (COCO2014)

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title= {MS Common Objects in Context (COCO2014)},
journal= {},
author= {Microsoft},
year= {2014},
url= {},
abstract= {Microsoft COCO is a new image recognition, segmentation, and captioning dataset. Microsoft COCO has several features:

Object segmentation
Recognition in Context
Multiple objects per image
More than 300,000 images
More than 2 Million instances
80 object categories
5 captions per image

The 2014 Testing Images are for the MS COCO Captioning Challenge, while the 2015 Testing Images are for the MS COCO Detection Challenge. The train and val data are common to both challenges. Note also that as an alternative to downloading the large image zip files, individual images may be downloaded from the COCO website using the "coco_url" field specified in the image info struct.},
keywords= {},
terms= {You must agree to these terms:},
license= {},
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