thermodynamics.docx (Case study on Entropy variations)
zakir ahmed

Type: Paper
Tags: Thermodynamics heat transfer exothermic

title= {thermodynamics.docx (Case study on Entropy variations)},
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author= {zakir ahmed},
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {In this paper,extensive thought assumptions  are reflected out on violation of thermodynamic laws where exothermic reaction are mainly dealt in which heat is evolved or liberated into atmosphere. Thermodynamics mostly deals with heat and energy interactions in various phases and transformations. As heat is Energy-in-transit it cannot be liberated out without certain means of vector directions and eventually cannot be stored. Heat only manifest during a change of state of a system where temperature differs during phase change. In contradiction to this some final assumptions and opinions are framed as conclusion which addresses “violation of two laws(1st & 2nd ) of thermodynamic for stating of HEAT LIBERATION IN Exothermic Reactions.},
keywords= {Thermodynamics heat transfer exothermic},
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