thermodynamics.docx (Case study on Entropy variations)
zakir ahmed

by zakirahmed at 2020-12-17 02:21:16 GMT

seed the the open source .

by Kaire at 2020-12-23 13:34:07 GMT

Great analysis,as heat is inherent of path but in paper with respect to vector model it is defined that even enthalpy(H) can be negotiated to infinite.can you explain this.

by MTeofilov at 2021-07-26 10:51:56 GMT

I am not sure why I read this... Yet, ignoring language and punctuation, point 9 is totally valid, if not entirely surprising - perpetual motion engines are, indeed, impossible according to the laws of thermodynamics.
The conclusion, on the other hand, is lacking. Not in post-modernism, but in conclusiveness. Unless we agree that adding vectors to the laws is necessary, in which case I foresee a paper concluding with the necessity of including volumes and coordinates of the systems as well.
Still, in some misty, metaphysical way, I sense another ambiguity presented here - that which leads scientists to the block universe religion through the so-expressed temporal ambiguity of the laws. My advice would be to not worry excessively regarding similar trifles. Also, in the case of this particular one, the solution seems to be on its way and not too far away.

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