UCI Machine Learning Datasets 12/2013

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UNIX_user_data-mld/UNIX_user_data.tar.gz 163.12kB
SyskillWebert-mld/SyskillWebert.tar.gz 475.80kB
JapaneseVowels-mld/size_ae.train 0.03kB
JapaneseVowels-mld/size_ae.test 0.03kB
JapaneseVowels-mld/ae.train 496.61kB
JapaneseVowels-mld/ae.test 660.98kB
CorelFeatures-mld/size 0.48kB
CorelFeatures-mld/LayoutHistogram.asc.gz 5.00MB
CorelFeatures-mld/CoocTexture.asc.gz 4.56MB
CorelFeatures-mld/ColorMoments.asc.gz 2.63MB
CorelFeatures-mld/ColorHistogram.asc.gz 4.88MB
CorelFeatures-mld/534099.jpg 3.56kB
CorelFeatures-mld/48000.jpg 3.85kB
CorelFeatures-mld/354090.jpg 4.48kB
CorelFeatures-mld/294084.jpg 3.65kB
CorelFeatures-mld/231076.jpg 3.96kB
CorelFeatures-mld/151085.jpg 3.86kB
census-income-mld/census.tar.gz 7.16MB
census-income-mld/census-income.test.gz 3.26MB
census-income-mld/census-income.names 14.89kB
census-income-mld/census-income.data.gz 6.52MB
car/car.names 3.10kB
car/car.data 51.87kB
car/car.c45-names 0.28kB
bridges/Index 0.17kB
bridges/bridges.names 4.44kB
bridges/bridges.data.version2 6.49kB
bridges/bridges.data.version1 6.13kB
breast-cancer-wisconsin/wpbc.names 5.67kB
breast-cancer-wisconsin/wpbc.data 44.23kB
breast-cancer-wisconsin/wdbc.names 4.71kB
breast-cancer-wisconsin/wdbc.data 124.10kB
breast-cancer-wisconsin/unformatted-data 21.36kB
breast-cancer-wisconsin/Index 0.33kB
breast-cancer-wisconsin/breast-cancer-wisconsin.names 5.66kB
breast-cancer-wisconsin/breast-cancer-wisconsin.data 19.89kB
breast-cancer/Index 0.09kB
breast-cancer/breast-cancer.names 3.17kB
breast-cancer/breast-cancer-data 0.22kB
blood-transfusion/transfusion.names 3.17kB
blood-transfusion/transfusion.data 12.84kB
balloons/yellow-small.data 0.54kB
balloons/yellow-small+adult-stretch.data 0.43kB
balloons/Index 0.25kB
balloons/balloons.names 1.10kB
balloons/adult-stretch.data 0.53kB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: UCI

title= {UCI Machine Learning Datasets 12/2013},
journal= {},
author= {UCI },
year= {2013},
url= {},
abstract= {The UCI Machine Learning Repository is a collection of databases, domain theories, and data generators that are used by the machine learning community for the empirical analysis of machine learning algorithms. The archive was created as an ftp archive in 1987 by David Aha and fellow graduate students at UC Irvine. Since that time, it has been widely used by students, educators, and researchers all over the world as a primary source of machine learning data sets. As an indication of the impact of the archive, it has been cited over 1000 times, making it one of the top 100 most cited "papers" in all of computer science. The current version of the web site was designed in 2007 by Arthur Asuncion and David Newman, and this project is in collaboration with Rexa.info at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Funding support from the National Science Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.

Many people deserve thanks for making the repository a success. Foremost among them are the donors and creators of the databases and data generators. Special thanks should also go to the past librarians of the repository: David Aha, Patrick Murphy, Christopher Merz, Eamonn Keogh, Cathy Blake, Seth Hettich, and David Newman.},
keywords= {UCI},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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