The SFU Mountain Dataset: Semi-Structured Woodland Trails Under Changing Environmental Conditions
Jake Bruce and Jens Wawerla and Richard T. Vaughan

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filebags/dusk-a.bag 25.80GB
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filebarometric_pressure-dry-a.tgz 588.31kB
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filebarometric_pressure-dusk-a.tgz 590.45kB
filebarometric_pressure-dusk-b.tgz 397.30kB
filebarometric_pressure-night-a.tgz 656.18kB
filebarometric_pressure-night-b.tgz 435.50kB
filebarometric_pressure-wet-a.tgz 628.18kB
filebarometric_pressure-wet-b.tgz 412.63kB
filecamera_port-dry-a-10th.tar 799.32MB
filecamera_port-dry-a-100th.tar 79.85MB
filecamera_port-dry-a.tar 7.99GB
filecamera_port-dry-b-10th.tar 519.76MB
filecamera_port-dry-b-100th.tar 51.76MB
filecamera_port-dry-b.tar 5.20GB
filecamera_port-dusk-a-10th.tar 662.53MB
filecamera_port-dusk-a-100th.tar 66.26MB
filecamera_port-dusk-a.tar 6.63GB
filecamera_port-dusk-b-10th.tar 391.17MB
filecamera_port-dusk-b-100th.tar 39.11MB
filecamera_port-dusk-b.tar 3.91GB
filecamera_port-night-a-10th.tar 334.71MB
filecamera_port-night-a-100th.tar 33.44MB
filecamera_port-night-a.tar 3.35GB
filecamera_port-night-b-10th.tar 234.53MB
filecamera_port-night-b-100th.tar 23.39MB
filecamera_port-night-b.tar 2.34GB
filecamera_port-wet-a-10th.tar 748.95MB
filecamera_port-wet-a-100th.tar 74.86MB
filecamera_port-wet-a.tar 7.49GB
filecamera_port-wet-b-10th.tar 556.39MB
filecamera_port-wet-b-100th.tar 55.65MB
filecamera_port-wet-b.tar 5.57GB
filecamera_rear-dry-a-10th.tar 751.40MB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: Computer Science, robotics, Burnaby Mountain, Trans-Canada Trail, powerline trail, forest trails, video, lidar, imu, gps, barometric pressure, stereo and monocular cameras

author= {Jake Bruce and Jens Wawerla and Richard T. Vaughan},
title= {The SFU Mountain Dataset: Semi-Structured Woodland Trails Under Changing Environmental Conditions},
Booktitle= {Workshop on Visual Place Recognition in Changing Environments at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'15 workshop), Seattle, WA, USA},
month= {May},
year= {2015},
url= {},
license= {},
abstract= {Note: If you want only a subset of the data presented here (just the ROS bags, but not the extracted JPEGs and CSVs for example, since there is some duplication), you can set your torrent client to download only the files you are interested in.

License: This data is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International License:

We present a novel long-term dataset of semistructured woodland terrain under varying lighting and weather conditions and with changing vegetation, infrastructure, and pedestrian traffic. This dataset is intended to aid the development of field robotics algorithms for long-term deployment in challenging outdoor environments. It includes more than 8 hours of trail navigation, with more available in the future as the environment changes. The data consist of readings from calibrated and synchronized sensors operating at 5 Hz to 50 Hz in the form of color stereo and grayscale monocular camera images, vertical and push-broom laser scans, GPS locations, wheel odometry, inertial measurements, and barometric pressure values. Each traversal covers approximately 4 km across three diverse woodland trail environments, and we have recorded under four different lighting and weather conditions to date: dry; wet; dusk; night. We also provide 383 hand-matched location correspondences between traversals as ground-truth for benchmarking place recognition and mapping algorithms. This paper describes the configuration of the vehicle, the trail environments covered, and the format of the data we provide.},
keywords= {Computer Science, robotics, Burnaby Mountain, Trans-Canada Trail, powerline trail, forest trails, video, lidar, imu, gps, barometric pressure, stereo and monocular cameras},
terms= {}

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