Outerra Earth Data

earth (4900 files)
_cvd/+z/6-2-3.0.wad 22.18MB
_cvd/+z/6-3-2.0.wad 21.98MB
_cvd/+y/7-6-3.0.wad 21.73MB
_cvd/+z/7-5-6.0.wad 21.64MB
_cvd/+z/6-1-0.0.wad 21.61MB
_cvd/+z/6-1-3.0.wad 21.57MB
_cvd/-y/6-1-0.0.wad 21.56MB
_cvd/+y/6-3-1.0.wad 21.55MB
_cvd/+z/7-2-1.0.wad 21.20MB
_cvd/+z/7-2-6.0.wad 20.86MB
_cvd/+z/7-7-5.0.wad 20.78MB
_cvd/+z/5-1-1.0.wad 20.66MB
_cvd/+z/7-6-5.0.wad 20.32MB
_cvd/+z/7-3-0.0.wad 20.25MB
_cvd/+z/7-2-0.0.wad 20.23MB
_cvd/-y/7-7-4.0.wad 20.20MB
_cvd/-y/7-7-3.0.wad 19.82MB
_cvd/+y/6-3-2.0.wad 19.78MB
_cvd/-y/7-2-0.0.wad 19.63MB
_cvd/+z/0-0-0.0.wad 19.62MB
_cvd/+y/7-6-2.0.wad 19.55MB
_cvd/+z/7-6-6.0.wad 19.47MB
_cvd/+z/7-7-4.0.wad 19.43MB
_cvd/-y/7-4-2.0.wad 19.41MB
_cvd/-y/7-3-2.0.wad 19.32MB
_cvd/+z/7-3-7.0.wad 19.17MB
_cvd/-y/7-4-1.0.wad 19.12MB
_cvd/-y/6-3-2.0.wad 18.99MB
_cvd/+z/7-4-6.0.wad 18.85MB
_cvd/+z/7-1-6.0.wad 18.79MB
_cvd/+z/6-3-3.0.wad 18.70MB
_cvd/+z/7-4-7.0.wad 18.70MB
_cvd/+y/7-6-4.0.wad 18.42MB
_cvd/+z/7-3-6.0.wad 18.37MB
_cvd/-y/7-3-0.0.wad 18.19MB
_cvd/+y/7-7-5.0.wad 17.93MB
_cvd/+z/7-5-5.0.wad 17.38MB
_cvd/-y/7-1-1.0.wad 17.36MB
_cvd/+x/7-7-4.0.wad 17.32MB
_cvd/+z/7-1-7.0.wad 17.25MB
_cvd/+z/7-2-2.0.wad 17.12MB
_cvd/-y/7-3-1.0.wad 17.05MB
_cvd/-y/7-7-5.0.wad 17.04MB
_cvd/+z/7-4-0.0.wad 17.04MB
_cvd/+x/7-6-2.0.wad 17.02MB
_cvd/+x/6-3-2.0.wad 16.93MB
_cvd/+z/7-7-7.0.wad 16.89MB
_cvd/+z/7-2-5.0.wad 16.65MB
_cvd/+x/7-5-4.0.wad 16.65MB
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Type: Dataset

title= {Outerra Earth Data},
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url= {http://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=2396.0},
license= {},
abstract= {Note: to use Outerra Tech Demo without internet connection, run "outerra.exe -demo" from the command line. At the moment this only works with the demo mode, for full mode you have to have internet connection.},
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superseded= {},
terms= {}

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